This chapter will be aired on Friday, September 9, 2011 broadcast by Televisa channel.
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Synopsis Avance El Elegido capitulo 129 : the story of a dreamer associated with Nevares Oscar Andres Sosa (Lito Cruz), one of the owners of legal counsel.

After winning the court, he was awarded a trip to Spain that would change his life forever. Not only Mariana (Paola Krum), an idealistic lawyer and interesting.

Partners Nevares when Sosa died suddenly. Oscar Sosa Nevares, with all its perversity, he decided that one of the company's staff attorneys can, and make them savagely compete to see who of the four actually capable of doing. Competition only thing left is beyond Mariana whose primary purpose is not their professional growth, but to know the truth about his father's death.

Andrew will go through countless tests to leave a place where he now runs the risk of the most extreme, such as loss of family, dignity and the woman he loves.

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